Combine professionalism with style using a bespoke memory stick

Promote your business interests in a dynamic way by adding uniquely designed leuke USB sticks who advertise your business or products in an awesome style. You can expect different levels of high performance drive devices that can be designed according to your specifications and carrying your company logo or brand. There is no doubt of quality products because we only utilize the best grade of memory data to ensure the best level of performance.

Place orders for your customised memory stick
We receive orders from large and small companies as well as individual businesses according to every customer’s style and specifications. Customers can send in their company or business logos in the encapsulated postscript format because it makes high quality print possible. In inclusion, lanyard options vary in material type and width for the purposes of keeping inscriptions and we put together a preview image for the customer’s acceptance. When the customer shows fulfillment with our memory stickdesigns we provide them with a sample for their authorization before we go into mass production.

Ranges of USB stick grappig
Additionally, we produce these kinds of drives in various styles that range from the specialist cadre to fantasies as well as pastimes and emotional symbols. Our own designs cover areas such as engineering, medication, banking, cuisine, fashion, music, photography, sports, regulation, fire fighters and construction. All of us make fantasy designs like cartoon figures, action figures, video games, Cuban cigars, snow cream and lollipops while we also make styles of emotional icons. Special celebrations like baby showers, mothers’ and fathers’ times, religious celebrations along with birthdays have usb stick grappig designs as do cars and beverages.

Secure your orders with no problems
When approval is established, we deliver within 24 - 2 days for prints on your devices however creating a designer shell might take longer. We offer a area of 12 months warranty on the whole products but this does not cover wear and tear to the exterior shell.

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